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February 2024

Sorry we haven't had a blog for AGES! I've been wading through video footage of Saffron Hall and hope to have a video soon to show you.

You've all been SO prolific since the concert - it's amazing how much energy it's given me too! What a great day it was playing with GUO and wowing the audience. That was one of the best standing ovations I've ever seen!

If anyone has any other photos/videos from the day...backstage stuff... please send it for the scrapbook (blog!)

So here are the songs we've heard so far this term from you talented folks! Really wonderful stuff! Use this blog as a way of keeping up with your works in progress.

It was great to meet new Gardener Jasper. He's already shared 2 original songs he's working on. Here's the first:-

Ettie, Alice, Leila and Safi worked on this amazing new original a couple of weeks ago. Keep these songs going everyone... they're great! Love this especially cos you're using multiple skills... and collaborating so well!

I have a problem that your songs are so good I can't tell which are yours and which are covers. Help! What is this Ettie and Joe??

This sounds like a musical theatre tune.. beautifully performed by Leila and Alice

Last week you were all ON FIRE! So many great songs in the pipeline.

Jude has been listening to Joni Mitchell's album Court and Spark which is 50 years old this year and still sounds SO fresh and unique... he's come up with a song which really captures the mood of that album... incredible! Keep going on this Jude, Tilda and Eva!

Here's another pearl from Tilda's pen... with beautiful embellishments from Jude and Eva

These sessions are great for trying out ideas... I know I can be pushy but I used to be SOOOO shy so now I'm making up for it! If you don't offer an idea, or try it out... it could be lost forever... and that's a shame... so guys, if you think something might work... offer it up... and you can see if it works. I left this 3rd harmony part idea with Tilda to decide as it's her song and really don't mind if it's not her cup of tea. Knowing what you like is a great skill to develop... discernment. And knowing when an idea is a good one or whether you're just doing it cos you can. 3 part harmonies are clever... but is that enough of a reason to include them? You have to really like the sound... It's not about showing off skills... but serving the song and the mood of the song best. So if Tilda doesn't use the 3rd harmony and If I'm desperate to use it as an idea, I can always put something similar in one of my songs. It can be painful when ideas are rejected but it gets easier with time... especially if you're making your own work... you get less precious about your ideas for other people's songs!

Here's another original from Jude which has a great groove, some crazy chord changes and a section which is really catchy and complicated at the same time!

I'm so glad I bumped into Claudia Kate in Tipi cos she used to go to SWCHS where I saw and heard her great songs during a masterclass I was giving. She's now a fully fledged singer/songwriter and she'll be standing in for me while I'm in Uruguay for the next few weeks so PLEASE don't be shy to ask her for help with songwriting, singing, equipment, chords, lyrics, grooves... anything! Here's one of her fab songs:-

Here's another original from Jasper, this one with Alex too! Great team!

Another great original in progress from Ettie, Joe and Safi... in 2 parts. Cool jazzy chords and fantastic and original vocal vibe from Ettie... nice one!!

And Safi writes and sings beautifully too! Lovely harmonies from Ettie. SO great to see all this collaboration and some really winning teams helping each other!

So great to hear Amerin's voice after a year or two. A beautiful voice... nailing this classic Leonard Cohen song! Looking forward to hearing some of your originals Amerin!

Talking of great teams - maybe the most unlikely! Leo the senior and Tom the younger! Rocking together... a great new song Leo... and some killer drum fills Tom!

What can I say except what an incredible bunch you are! Keep this going! We're planning some recording sessions in the summer. And there will be live opportunities.

Look out for open mic nights and gig opportunities and we'll keep our eyes and ears peeled too!

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