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Fete de la Musique 2024

You all did us proud on Sunday! Incredible performing and songwriting!

Here are the videos we have.. if you wanna send over any you have of songs that are missing here please do!

I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there cos I wanted to big you up and just be there to hear you do your thing!


  1. The main person you need to impress is you!

  2. Other people’s opinions can be useful … sometimes… but you are the artist. And we love our artists to be independent and free from fear!

  3. Try to practise looking and hearing yourself honestly. Don’t be judgemental. Just notice what goes well (& allow yourself to be pleased with it) and notice what you could improve on:-

  4. are you happy with your vocal technique (I can help but remember perfection is boring and flaws make us human !),

  5. is your performance relaxed and liberated or stiff and unengaged? (This improved with experience)

  6. Is your song living its best life? How’s the arrangement? The harmonies? The highs? The lows? The instrumentation? The key?

  7. Did you experience a high level of stage fright? It’s very common and will get easier the more you expose yourself to performing in public. I promise!!!

  8. Keep doing what you do you are amazing!

I’m including this one because Indie didn’t perform it at the Fete - after some encouragement she overcame her stagefright this Monday and nailed it with Leo & Tom’s wonderful skills and encouragement!

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