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March 2024

Updated: Mar 20

Well... my first week back after 4... and the music has been flowing out of you! This week we started by having a long chat altogether about getting your music heard online and at showcase gigs. The Saffron Hall gig showed me that a lot of people want to hear your music... and it's a crime if songs like the ones below don't get finished, lovingly crafted, arranged, performed, recorded and SHARED!!

We'll be sending out a consent form which means that if you or your parents sign; you trust me and Kev to share your best stuff online AND you also have the right to tell us not to post it or take it down at any time if you're not happy with it. Don't feel under any pressure to agree to this. It's your image, your music and you have to be comfortable about it being shared.

As well as revealing your great skill and talent it will also show how important and worthwhile THE GARDEN is AND (most importantly) will make me and Kev look really cool!

I've been in Uruguay for 3 weeks and you guys have been doing the most incredible stuff.... I definitely should go away more often!

Thank you SO much for your lovely greetings and this song!

Here's me at a gig in Montevideo and doing yoga on the beach, and.a cool dog at the beach bar... just to REALLY make you jealous!

Meanwhile here are just a few of your amazing March creations you amazing people! If I've missed any originals please let me know!

I think this one is by Sam... but please let me know if not... write to me in the instagram chat or comment here or on youtube if it lets you! Fantastic guitar vibe and song!

Jude's song is taking great shape! Finger clicks here tell me there must be a drum or percussion groove for this song! It has a name but I just call it the Doobah Doobah Doo song! Fantastic vocals on this tricky one.. cool harmonies!

Leo and Tom here with an original called 'Angel' - great collaboration! What a team!

When I taught (ahem... clears throat to attract attention) Sam Smith ... I said with THAT voice you should write some songs... You have an extraordinary voice but if you want to take it to the next level get that voice working on your own songs and your own stories... and .... nothing happened... for years.... and then they did.... and it was amazing.... and the rest is history! Well... I remember saying the same thing to a certain Mark Squires... and waiting.... and waiting.... and the wait was worth it! So thrilled! Something new to brag about!

And here's what the ending sounds like with a sax solo from Jasper - very cooooooool! It was a fab solo but annoyingly I only captured the end!

To steal a line from Alicia Keys.... This girl is on fire... another one hot from the pen of Ettie (hope it is an original - it certainly sounds like one of yours Ettie... but also like a hit song beautifully accompanied!)

The pure energy and joy in this song and collaboration is palpable and makes this old Joni Mitchell fan very happy! Great song Eva! And that Mandolin though!.... And there is nothing like acoustic guitars happily chugging along!

And here's the same song with Jude on electric guitar.... he definitely needs 4 arms

Jasper - already a charismatic singer/songwriter/instrumentalist ! And the collaboration with an intricate and rhythmical guitarist like William means a wonderful groove is created!

I think this is another fantastic original song... from Ettie... with Tilda adding gorgeous guitar and BVs

I'm exhausted! I hope you look at this because you guys are awesome!

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Mar 25

wonderful to have a little peak inside the Garden group- thankyou!

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