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First week of term and we had a great time!

We talked about this term's continued collaboration with GRAND UNION ORCHESTRA which will culminate next January 20th with a concert at SAFFRON HALL! We're looking for songs or sections of songs to mash up with their orchestral music (featuring instruments and rhythms from all over the world).

Hester brought along newcomer Joe who plays great guitar and showed us a jazzy instrumental that looked really hard!

Everyone had been to France during the summer!... except for Saffi who went to Devon... and maybe Mark.. but can't remember where he went!

Leo performed his song ...Primal... really cool

Eva, Jude, Mark and Jo tried to play a section of Jude's latest composition 'the peculiars'. Jude got a mandolin for his birthday.. and clearly is having fun with it!!

Here's his latest mix

And here's the piano lick which is VERY TRICKY

Our attempt to transcribe it!

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