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Monday 16th October - CLAUDE from Grand Union Orchestra

Amazing workshop session with Claude Deppa

Claude showed us this incredible groove which we are gonna have to try every week to get under our hands, feets, fingers for January!! Try and practise all the parts at home!

Then we tried to use the groove with Amelie's song Beautiful!

And it just developed from there!

Some fantastic ideas came to you lot!

It just grew and grew! Watch the next clip to the end! It's amazing!

Finally - just when we were all getting tired and it was boiling in the room we decided to work on Jude's epic 'The Peculiars' which is mainly in 4/4 but has a cheeky little bar of 7/8 in the middle. I honestly didn't think we could get it - but with Claude's help we managed it in a vocal exercise! This is a great foundation for building a groove on this song!

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