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Monday 18th September

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We had another amazing week. Sadly our last for a while with members of the company of SWCHS show Bugsy Malone who won't be back til November ... Break a leg guys! We'll be coming to see you! Note to diary... let's have a garden outing! Kev do you wanna look into it.. you're good at organising!

Leo worked on another song... only instrumental so far but he has lyrics and a melody on the way! Can see it working great with Grand Union Orchestra!

Meanwhile Ettie & Leila were working on another original - this is just a melody and lyrics (to be supplied by Ettie) for now... anyone got ideas for groove (think it could have a really cool one) and chords?

Ettie's lyrics... v cool!

Downstairs we had Alex and Tom in the basement working on cool synth / drum / guitar tunes... really wanna jam 'Take on Me' and other 80s classics! Maybe next week?

Rosie came up and sang Olivia Rodrigo's song 'Happier' with Mark and Jude... v nice backing.. and v simple chords - just F, Dm, Gm, C

Forgot to record Rosie but here's a bit of Jude and Mark doing the backing with me... bit rusty! Rosie's much better!

Hester, Joe and Amelie were in the cafe area working on original stuff... here's Amelie's new song... another lovely original with a good groove! Can hear other guitars on this one... and percussion!

And last but not least... in the green room Jude and Mark created this great groove for a melody and lyrics provided earlier by Martha but again I failed to record her... rude! The groove Mark & Jude created is pretty damn cool though! Hope we can put it all together again with Martha and maybe a drummer and bass player next week??

I think the chords are Gm7 to Dm7 in the verse and the chorus is F, C, Dm, C

What an amazing week! Well done you talented bunch!

Happy belated birthday to Alice! Hope to see you soon!

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