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Monday 20th November

I had to miss this week as I was performing in glorious Clacton-on-Sea! I know my life is SO glamorous!!!

Kev said you had a fab week and tons of glorious music making was made!

William who is pretty new is a fab songwriter and shared this! It sounds like Radiohead to me... but jolly!! That's just me though! Cool song!

There was some gorgeousness going on the studio with Ettie, Saffi and Amelie.. think this is a cover but don't know by who.. please help!

I'm not sure what else occurred... but Ettie sent me these fab shots from backstage at the recent Bugsy Malone production - looks incredible! Kev went and I missed it... but he was BLOWN AWAY!

Also... while we're on pics!

Remember we had Celia the local photographer from the press along to take some pics... well she got some amazing shots of you guys in action! I wish I looked as cool as you folks do when I was your age... or any age!

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