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Monday 25th Sep

Another AMAZING night of great music... you kids are just too much!

Jude brought in his new mandolin and we were treated to a lovely jam from Mark & Jude which sadly wasn't recorded!

So let's start with that original song from Ettie and Leila which was just a melody and lyrics... incredible ones! Well here it is with chords!

Here are the chords we figured out - would be great if some people could practise along with it and be ready to jam it out next time!

Bm. Bm/A

You walk on pavement


I watch from the grass

Bm. Bm/A

Tip toeing around me


Avoid me at all cost

G. D/F#. Em.

Say you love me then take it away

G. D/F#. Em. D

Talk about weren’t you all over me the other day


The other day

Bm Bm/A

Cuz I was you eye line


Tunnel vision you said

D. Em

The rain knows your queue


All the things you did

G. D/F# Em

Exile me again

G. D/F# Em

Take all I have in hands

D Em

Bombed me with love

D/F#. G

The took away

D Em

Hidden in your chat

D/F#. Gmaj 7

Where all the greed lay

Then another section has

Bm. Bm/A. G twice but there is also a C# in all those chords - have a listen!

FYI if a chord has a / it means chord/bass note. So play the chord but with the bass note specified instead of the root of the chord

And another great collaboration started with Saffi adding great cajon (would have been kit but we couldn't find any sticks! NB I have found my kid Rou's old sticks so we now have a few pairs!)

Here's Primal which Leo first shared 12th Sep. Sounds even better with some beats! And we've discovered a hidden talent from Saffi! Well hidden so far but never forgotten now!

Rosie's cover Happier was developed with Jude, Mark and Eva - sounding amazing!

And Hester worked on a cover with Joe also sounding beautiful - some great moral support offered by Ettie when Hester lost confidence...

All singers please note... sounding vulnerable and breathy in head voice is A GOOD THING - head voice is there to sound different so please believe in your breathiness ... it is very moving!!

And last but definitely not least... Immy and Mark gave us all an 'ah' moment with this song from LA Story! So Cute!

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