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Monday 2nd October

Another great week! What a talented bunch this is!

Saffi did some recording of an Olivia Rodrigues song for college application - singing and playing! Sounded AMAZING but we don't have a record of it. Saffi's writing a song too... which might be shared as a work in progress next Monday... sounding fab though!

Leo continued work on PRIMAL this time with Saffi on drums - I think they also tried it with Jude on bass... but this video is minus Jude... just gets better and better!


Matilda joined us and has been busy writing! Here's her gorgeous new original Forever Fever with Jude doing some gorgeous guitar lines! Very cool groove too!



Ettie continued working on her song Eye Line which she's been singing with Leila (who wasn't there this week)... She's started recording it on Garageband. Does anyone have any experience of recording beats on GB as we think it might benefit from some electronic drums. I'll bring the laptop next time so we can continue this one!

Meanwhile this lovely bunch had a fab sing song with a bit of Artic Monkeys! There was also some Ed Sheeran again annoyingly i didn't record it! But manage to record this one!

See y'all next week!

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