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Monday 6 November

Well I wasn't able to be there this week - and the Bugsy Malone cast members were very busy but apparently it was a fab session!

We welcomed a new member William who collaborated with Leo on this Weezer toon!

And Jude's been at it again writing another great song! Good to hear him singing again too! His and Matilda's voices sound great together and unison singing is always V cool!

Apparently Ettie, Mark and Alex worked on a Rostam track called 4Runner but Kev didn't record it - anyone would think he was busy or something cos he'd been left to do everything on his own by his colleague!!!! Joking of course... thank you as ever Kev for being there!

Kev says you were all AMAZING!

See you Monday 13/11! Don't forget to spread the word about the concert 20 January and about the club in general - cooooooool poster:-

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